Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet Spike!

I have been so busy this past week. I generally don't read or post when I've got Chunk and then you add on the new addition and I'm very tired. So, who is this new addition? Well, meet Spike.

He's an almost 5 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. He is not a hunting dog for us, even though the breed is. As the breeder told me "He's chickenshit and gun shy. He'd rather lay in your lap and watch tv." So, he's perfect for us. Chunk is very happy and calls Spike his "perfect puppy." They play together and chase each other. I'm teaching Spike to play fetch so next time Chunk comes home they can. Spike does very good on a leash for no training. No pulling, which is great! Oh, and he's a great bird dog. He pointed at the frozen turkey after it fell out of the fridge but completely ignored the doves on the ground in the backyard.

One more picture, of Chunk and his Spike and then I'm off. Have a great Thanksgiving in the States and a great Thursday if you're not. I'll be watching the BIG GAME tomorrow night and probably throwing things at my TV. It'll be great.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I just don't have any answers.

This morning I got a phone call. Not too unusual, people do call me you know. But this was from a girl I haven't seen or heard from in quite some time. We weren't friends, we were friendly in a parenting class I took. She was court ordered to be there, Child Protective Services was involved. She still had her kids, this was just to insure she didn't lose them. Her husband was a classic stereotype, controlling and just didn't care. She ended up becoming pregnant and didn't know how. (Really? You're twenty-something and have had to kids and you STILL don't know how that happens?? Oooookay.)

So, she calls. And her now three kids have been taken away. It seems her husband quit/lost his job and had them alternately living on the streets or at his sister's. The sister was tired of them being there and called CPS and had the kids removed. The girl who called me has been living in a car in a grocery store parking lot. She called me from a CARITAS group. She was asking me what she should do. She wants her kids back, but she has no skills, no support, no education. (This is usually where I'd make a joke about her being from backwater Georgia, but I just can't.) She doesn't think she qualifies to go to the women's shelter, but won't find out. Her husband is still controlling, still lazy, still treats her like crap. This time she's tired of it. Does she realise she has a tough decision, him or her kids? Yes, and she's trying to pick her kids. CPS has told her that he has to do the same services (protective parenting, therapy, parenting classes and so on) as she does to regain them. And he isn't. She wants out.

And I don't know how to help. I suggested she go to a different homeless resource center. I gave her a name to ask for, told her to tell them I sent her. I know these people, I know they know how to help her, more than I can. I feel bad for her, but I can't help her. Some days I can barely help myself. I hope she finds help, soon, so she can get her beautiful children back. I know, actually first hand know, what she's going through. My situation was different, but I KNOW.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Need a lullabye, a kiss goodnight

I have no idea what other things went on. My memory is a little lacking these days. I am still not 100%, despite me going out and doing things. I've not been reading blogs either. I feel bad, but sometimes things have to go to the wayside and I guess that's one thing.

I love the freaking eye candy at work. So fucking cute. And I'm smart enough to not get into anything. Hell nah. He's just pretty to look at.

FOAF and I hung out. And by hung out I mean he played WoW and I slept. I know how it is to be cooped up in a house with nothing to do, so I invited him over to use my internet since that new expansion came out. And he stayed. All night. Which I was kind of figuring anyway. So, he played, I did some other stuff and then went to sleep. It was a late night and I don't exactly sleep well if there's other stuff going on, but I managed. And apparently I managed to NOT talk in my sleep which is a good thing. So, here's a guy who likes me, in my bed with me in jammies and sleeping and NOTHING HAPPENED. I think this is very rare. (And yes, I know all about "But he was playing WoW so it totally doesn't count." Most guys would have tried to cop a feel no matter what. I'm just that hot and sexy.) He ended up staying until I left to go to karaoke with JPanda and crew. FOAF and I are supposed to head down the road to the friend's house, but FOAF is still feeling anti social a bit and I need a damn nap. I took one last night while The Wizard of Oz was on. I vaguely remember the Tin Man and then nothing until the Witch got melted.

Karaoke was last night. I SAID I wasn't going to drink anything and then ended up with two very yummy shots, and amaretto sour and some fucked up whisky drink that I left on the table because damn. That shit was strong and gross. I also let JPanda pick out what I was singing and ended up with Britney Spears' Toxic. Which prompted some guy behind our table to proclaim that damn, he would drink my urine. OMG, gross. I think that must have been the same guy who later threw a wadded up napkin at us. Mature, real mature. I did get hit on my some guy named Giovanni, a short guy who was trying to use The Pick Up Artist's tips. I am hip to that though and didn't let him isolate me. (What? That show is awesome. I learn so much. I think more guys should watch it.) Anyway, I apparently didn't suck so bad, despite having laughed until I was practically crying right before that. See, I had dropped my chicken strip and it rolled somewhere. Found out it was under someone's chair. And she said it looked like a chicken turd. And that they were going to throw it at me while I was on stage. You know what? This doesn't sound funny at all. Sorry, you're invited next time! And I'm pretty sure there are now pictures and a video of Panda and me dancing while JPanda did Beat It. We were crazy!

FOAF and I also saw Repo! The Genetic Opera on Tuesday. I think I'm glad I didn't have any expectations going into it. Because I laughed all the way through it. FOAF looks over and goes "Wow, you laugh at really wrong stuff" or something like that. I don't know, I was probably laughing at the guy getting his spine repossessed without anesthesia. I'm not one for gory films, but this one HAD to be tongue-in-cheek because it was hilarious. The gore was splashy and great. And the storyline was weak, but decent. The singing was over the top theatrical. Anthony Head (why did he drop the Stewart?) is awesome, as always. I loved that Buffy episode where he sang. He's got a great voice. I'll always love him from those coffee commercials from BEFORE he did Buffy. Not surprisingly, Paris Hilton was weak, but she was barely in it, so HA! I loved the part where she looked like Darth Maul. Fucking great. Anyway, if you get a chance to see this movie and need a laugh and don't have a weak stomach, go see this. Otherwise, look for it on DVD when it comes out. It's not widely released so you may have a problem finding it in theatres, but try. If you see it and absolutely hate it and think I'm out of my mind, well, yes, I AM, but you can complain and I'll make it up to you.

The friend is jealous that FOAF is spending time with me and talking to me. The friend that set us up (Z? for lack of a better alias) keeps asking questions that are none of his business. And I tell him that and I know he's joking about it for the most part, but still, gossip much? And then he calls ME because when he called FOAF he didn't answer and knows we're together and then is all "Is he mad at me?" WTD? (What the deuce? Because I've gotta quit using the "F" word. So I'm replacing it with "deuce.") Do NOT put me in the middle of this. And get out of the middle of whatever may or may not be occurring with me and FOAF, k?

And JPanda and Panda both thought that other guy from before was gay. So now we're back to that. And we're leaving it at that. There's been no contact. And I'm okay with that.

Now that I've left work and committed myself to going down the road, I suppose I should. Z tried to put me in the middle again and I'm just not having it. Hopefully some driving with music will clear my head. I'm feeling a bit anti-social myself today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'd like to give a big "FUCK YOU" to November.

Ok, really it's going out to the last week of October, too. Way to dick me over universe.

First things first. The beginning of the last week of October. As I was getting those four new tires installed, I went and had Chinese food around the corner. And guess what my fortune cookie didn't have? That's right, a fucking fortune. Should have been my first clue that it was only going to get worse.

So I went to the dentist on Thursday, the day before Halloween. No big deal, right? I was having some tooth/mouth pain and figured I'd get it looked at, make an appointment for a later date and move on. WRONG! I left many hundreds of dollars poorer, with strict instructions to not have anything sticky or chewy or hard. And a pretty temporary crown. I'll be going back in a few weeks for the permanent one to be put on. It sucks. I didn't even know I had a cracked tooth. Ok, so maybe I did since I played with it with my tongue, but it wasn't bad or anything. Oh, and nearly a week later, my damn tooth still hurts.

Halloween was actually pretty good. Chunk went to a couple of houses and got some candy. He had three adult type people go with him and we had a good time too! There was a quasi party featuring "Zombie Eye Ghoulash" and a fizzy "Witch's Brew." Good times. And Chunk got more candy than he could possible need and has tried to eat it all so far.

Things were going pretty well until Monday night. Went to the Campus Advisory Committee meeting. I'm now in the Special Education small group. We're to deal with things in the Campus Improvement Plan that deal with special ed kids and stuff. I know NOTHING about special ed. They say this is a good thing, it'll "help." I can't for the life of me figure out how, but sure.

Fast forward a couple hours and you'll find me loving my potty and trashcan. Fast forward to Tuesday morning and you'll find that I haven't kept anything down in 12 hours or so and am headed to the emergency room for help. Which they gladly supplied. 8 mgs of Zofran, I don't know how much phenergan, and two bags of saline later and I'm better. Sort of. Turns out I also have shingles. You know, that crappy chicken pox like shit for adults. It itches and it hurts and I'm miserable. I'll live, yeah, but I have to take FIVE pills a day for 10 days. So, every two hours I'm swallowing giant pills.

I started this post on Thursday and I'm just now getting around to finishing it and posting. While I've felt better, I'm still not at 100%. And I don't think flipping my mattress Wednesday night by myself (it's a queen) helped. Oh well. More things have happened since then, but that'll have to wait. Dun Dun DUH!