Monday, September 29, 2008

Way tired, Way sore

Yesterday was Super Big Music Fest. I am now exhausted and hurting and so glad I went. It was Day Three of said event and not as crowded as Day Two. This is a good thing, I'll get to it in a minute. We got there before any of the bands we wanted to see started and ended up really liking Nicole Atkins and The Sea. (This is where you can be all stalker-azi and Google to see where I was.) We checked out The Kills, but I have no freaking clue who they are and they kept bitching about the sun and heat (um, hi, it was almost 20 degrees cooler than 3 years ok) and they never played a song I'd ever heard, so we left early to go see Flyleaf. Now, I'm not a huge Flyleaf fan, I've heard a couple songs, but their bassist runs around and jumps off shit all over the stage. It was fun to watch, except he reminds me Rob Zombie. We hit Against Me! and (please don't hate me Mixtape Messiah) didn't really enjoy them. Perhaps it was the ever present sun beating down on me or the fucking contact high I had. Or perhaps because we were kind of far away and couldn't really hear them. This is also the point when Prospective Boyfriend got lost and couldn't find me again. It wasn't for very long, but it was a nice break from hearing about his damn Camelback. Seriously, I get it it. You LOVE your Camelback. Now, shut up about it.

He wanted to see Silversun Pickups and we did, but I should have headed over to Neko Case, who debuted a song about killer whales and elephants and whose sound levels probably weren't completely fucked up. If I had never heard Silversun Pickups before, I would say they're a shitty band, based on the fact that you couldn't hear the drums at all (but I could see him playing them), the bass guitar or the lead guitar. Once the lead singer started doing his thing, that's all you could hear.

We heard Okkervil River, but most of that time was spent hearing the conversation next to us about oral sex and dildos. Yeah. Plus, at this point, I was tired enough to lay down and just talk to Prospective Boyfriend and eavesdrop. However, the band was excellent, I just wish some people had shut up. We had a break after this until the big band. I had wanted to see Tegan and Sara, but they were on the opposite side of the park and ran right into the Foo Fighters and I wanted a good spot for them.

Now, this is where I tell you that I have a panic disorder and do not do well in crowds. Like, I tend to pass out if people are pressing me from all sides. This is where the fact that it was not really crowded comes into play. We all know who the Foo Fighters are. They were the big draw. During their set, there was space around me. The closest person to me was Prospective Boyfriend and we weren't even touching. Score! And the Foos put on an amazing show, truly. The drum solo in the middle of the set was phenomenal. Seriously. And Dave Grohl is funny.

I actually wished I had taken my camera because there was one dude who deserved to be immortalised here. Black jeans with red stitching, motorcycle boots, no shirt, a swagger, bleach blond hair with one inch spikes, tipped with red. AWESOME. Wait, it gets better, since I only got the back view first. The front view was a red and black Bat Signal tattoo in the middle of his chest and a tat of Batman on his arm. Classy! (Flickr is my friend. I will now call him Batman Bowie for all time.)

And now I'm off to YouTube to relieve Super Big Music Fest.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love Funny Shit.

And this commercial is funny. (Hit him in the head, Rose!)

In other news, I am happy. Big shock, I know. Coffee Date Guy can now be referred to as Potential Boyfriend. We headed downtown to the oldest (and fanciest, oooh) hotel last night for drinks and discussed what it means to be a Whiskey Kind of Girl, which he is not, because a) he doesn't like whiskey (more for me!) and b) he's not confident, tough or no nonsense. Oh, and he's not a girl. I got the "I really like you" during our goodbye and the "I totally want to go shopping with you because then it's not weird when I go shopping for girls' clothes" during drinks. Disturbing much? I HATE shopping. Hate. Like, I only subject my mom and one other person to it because it usually ends up with me in a crumpled heap on the dressing room floor, crying about how God hates me and why does none of this shit ever fit/look/feel right WHY GOD WHY. Ahem. And so this afternoon I am going to torture myslef by trying to find pants that don't make my stomach look like a fucking muffin, mmmkay? Where was I? Right, Potential Boyfriend. He's an odd one, but also very sweet and trying to woo me. Case in Point, he bought my ticket for Super Big Music Fest on Sunday and won't accept money from me. Hmmm. No, we are still not calling him SugarDaddy. Ew, gross.

Elsewhere in the world, I am needing to see Gossip Girl S1, because now I'm super hooked on it. Debating whether to watch it in a theatre full of other devotees and not feel so bad. If they'd air OTH after it, I'd so be there. I'm still undecided on the new 90210, but I haven't seen last night's epi, so. Although if I watch it today, plus the two hours airing on SoapNet later, and add in the hour I already watched, that's 4 hours of 90210. And it's not even my favourite show!

I started walking again this week, now that I've been given the medical go ahead. Felt like ass this morning, but walked about a mile and a half. That's a lot for me. I'll probably end up walking 2.3 from Music Fest to parking Sunday night. Great. Oh, and when I got home? Totally made queso for breakfast.

Oh, did you hear? Clay Aiken is Gay. Wow, I totally never saw that coming. I thought we were going to get married and have more babies and now I have to go get the "Clay Forever!" tattoo removed from my ass. DAMN YOU CLAY AIKEN!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Post Birthday

I'd like to start off with the fact that I had a great birthday. Fun times.

Date Five turned out good. He grilled steak, I picked up a bottle of wine (Francis Coppola Malbec; it was good). City of Angels was the movie of choice. It is one his favourites, but one I hadn't seen yet. And I really like Nic Cage, so it was fine. Progress was made during this date. He put his arm around me during the movie. Nothing else happened, but it was nice and wonderful and slow. Nice pace.

Now, my birthday. He was invited and I had a whole host of people coming. We went to play bingo. Let me just tell you, them little old ladies at bingo are fucking serious. It ended up being DLR- one of my former youth kids, RepoGirl, Stewart- an guy I had a thing with right after I separated and I didn't think it was a serious thing but he did and we're still really great friends, and JPanda and his wife, Panda. It's BYOB, so we did. At one point they shushed us over the speaker and when we started cracking up, little old lady bingo woman said, and I quote, "It's not funny, it's just rude." Seriously lady?? Is your life so devoid of enjoyment and fun that you play bingo every fucking night and have your Depends in a knot because we're having fun? Get over it. The attendant didn't have a problem with it, so shove it and your 12 daubers up your ass.

After bingo we went to the restaurant where I get a free drink. We needed to eat, and it was a good excuse. Gifts were open. (CDG remembered I like PostSecret and gave me one of the books. Stewart added PeeWee's Playhouse. AWESOME.) There was much banter between the four of us-CDG, Stewart, RepoGirl and me. The others all had to go. At the end of the night, I still had 30 minutes or so of my day left. CDG walked me to my car and we were talking and I said something like "so, did you talk about us when we left the table?" and he said yes, it came up. I said that I would never purposely hurt Stewart's feelings, but I couldn't exactly not date. I said, I mean it's not like I would make out in the parking lot if he were right there, but he's not so.....And then CDG kissed me. And we made out in the parking lot. And he said I'm beautiful and look like Lauren Graham, which I take as a huge compliment because he loves Gilmore Girls. I had a total girly moment though when I couldn't really stop giggling about the whole thing. Mind at this point I've had an Adult Juice Box, Wild Turkey and a Mexican Martini. However, I was not drunk, just intoxicated. I'm just excited because after five dates (we won't count this), I subtley made moves and insinuations and IT WORKED. He was just shy.

Now that it is an hour past my birthday, I'm going to sleep. As best I can. I honestly suck at this whole adult dating. I married right out of high school and have no idea what I'm doing 90% of the time. This weekend is reserved for the family celebrations and I know I'll have a good time with that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

He who does not weep, does not see.

It seems I've been in a weepy mood the last couple days. Nothing major, just seeing parts of Galveston washed completely away and tonight's episode of One Tree Hill. Ike didn't affect me directly, other than taking my vacation away and making me feel like a fucking prophet because I said it wouldn't hit here. I think we got maybe thismuch rain, and that wasn't even all over.

Date Four turned out to be twelve hours long. Yes, twelve! He picked me up at 13o in the afternoon and we headed to one of the large museums at the university here. After three and a half hours of making fun of art (Seriously, we had a deep discussion about why the West Wind is smelling his finger in that painting.) we were a little arted out. Went to dinner at a sushi place, which I am told is a good sign. Met two of his friends who already new who I was. They were cool, but probably a bit upset I was rooting for USC and not OSU and um, well, USC kicked the shit out of OSU. Ooops. We were going to watch Gilmore Girls, but Blockbuster didn't have it, so I picked Run, Lola, Run. Entirely in German. Good one, Ruby Soho, pick a movie you actually have to pay attention to. There was some close sitting during the movie, arms and legs touching. After the movie was more talking. We even talked about not assuming anything until we have some sort of talk about "commitment." He dropped me off a little after 130 in the morning. Date Five is tomorrow with him cooking.

Okay, so as I ruminated lat time, there's a general thought amongst my friends that he's gay. Both PB -the gay best friend- and RepoGirl -the best friend- think this and they only have what I say to go on. Is he just shy, which I'm going to believe? We talked about taking things slow in relationships in general and he's said he's been with women before so...... I'll be honest, I've been celibate this whole year and I'm beginning to get antsy, but I won't rush into anything, 'cause that's you know, bad. I'm also very damn impatient and want to be all "What the fuck are we doing?" We ended Date Four with a slightly tighter air hug.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm trying to be very good, but damn.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm waiting for Ike, what are you doing?

All the prep I've done for Ike? Beer and queso. Frito pies. Beans in a bag. I'm not excited, I'm not worried. I'm annoyed. (I'm currently watching some weather channel and seeing the waves crash over the seawall is breaking my little beach-loving heart. I was supposed to go down there next weekend for my birthday, but I guess that's out. So is October.)

So, Dates Two and Three with Coffee Date Guy. Date Two was seeing Cory Branan and Greg Barkley from OhNoOhMy. Mixtape Messiah had said Cory puts on a good show and she was not lying. He is hilarious and slightly crazy. Highly entertaining. If you enjoy singer-songwriter acoustic stuff and get a chance, go see him. We also really liked Greg, but I can't find any of his solo stuff online. My GoogleFu is failing. His songs remind me of high school angst, but not in a bad way. I think that even later in life we experience situations that take us back. Also, his lyric are funny. Okay, back to the actual date. I drove, which is always something to experience, but I think I wowed him with my superior parallel parking skills. I was late picking him up, and the place we were going to eat lied about thier closing time, so we just headed to the venue where dinner was Taco Bell. I bought tickets, he bought drinks. We talked and talked and he neglected to mention his birthday was the next day. Which I totally called him out on when he picked me up for Date Three. Turned out he just doesn't make a big deal out of it. Whatev, I so make a big deal out of mine. (In 6 days, y'all.)

Okay, Date Three was dinner and downtown. Dinner was good, Greek salad and lobster bisque. And conversation about his hair products. I swear, I wonder if he's gay and everyone's like "Just ask him." WTH? "So, um, what do you want to do later and are you gay?" So do not think I'll be asking that question. Anyway, I am leaning towards he's just shy and inexperienced. (Watch, he'll probably rock my world like no tomorrow. If it ever gets to that.) We went to a swanky hotel lobby, the lounge area, and had a really great time. Went out on the balcony and talked some more. I thought it was a perfect oportunity for a first kiss, but nothing. Did I mention he opened my car door for me at the beginning of the evening? And he likes museums, operas, plays and the like? But, at the end of the evening, we're still on the air hug routine. Sigh. Date Four is scheduled for tomorrow, some museum visiting, but we're playing phone tag tonight.

The second football game was not quite as bad as the first. 49-6. Third game was last night against a Catholic Academy. Score was 46 or something-0. And I managed to continue re-injuring my blasted ankle. That's about it on the football front, other than I learned the players have no respect for the head coach. He should probably leave then, you know, if they don't respect him.

I am a giant nerd. I bought the new NKOTB album. Haven't given it a spin, so I have no opinion yet.

Currently listening to Jackopierce. Love them. Love love love. I am so glad they got back together. I found them right as they were breaking up. No words to describe how I feel when I listen and the music takes me to a land inside myself, you know?

I'm a bit out of it, for no reason other than the atmospheric pressure. And waiting for the phone.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Change is good, but fuck this shit.

So, Winston bit the dust and I now have Jeremiah, the new lappy. Winston was completely disassembled, in a box, when I went to pick the new one up. I did say good-bye, dork that I am. You know what sucks? All my bookmarks in Mozilla are gone. Every blog I was reading, every fun site I went to, gone. I seriously may indeed actually squirt some tears over that one.

And, I'd like my page up and down buttons next to the fucking arrows, that would be great.

Jeremiah is an upgrade, system wise, but I want Winston back. I will learn to love you, Jerry, just not as much and not as hard. You are making me reinstall iTunes (um, and then I have to find all the fucking music again, so THANKS ASS). You are making me change all my passwords because I didn't happen to write them down. You are making my lap hot. You are making me try to remember all the fucking blogs I trolled and since I just started that, I DON'T FUCKING REMEMBER THEM ALL. So, right now, Jerry, I don't love you. You make the baby Jesus cry.

And, I"m going to need awesome stickers to make Jeremiah not so hateable. Somehow my devil angel "Naughty or Nice" sticker seems not wholly appropriate, because, you know, I have a kid.

Fucking retarded. It's going to take me like a week to get everything like I want it. Cue the tears.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Out like Fabio

I am currently computer-less. I had to take my beloved Winston in to get the power port redone, again. So, I am having to steal time and use a public one and that is very icky.

This is basically to try to remind me what to write about later.

* Second date (and by the time I get Winston back, the third date)

* Second football game, not quite as bad as the first.

Wow, seeing just those two things up there kind of makes me wonder if I lead a boring life. I don't, I just can't remember what else I was going to do.

Time is just about up. I hope my baby is fixed fast!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Randomness hits again

First things first, the football game was craptastic. Seriously. Did you know that when a player punts the ball, it's supposed to go down the field, not straight up in the air?? And if opposing players are coming at you, the correct thing to do is step out of bounds rather than RUN THE OTHER WAY?? I know this, you know this. They do not know that. They need some serious help.

Second, I have a second date with Coffee Date Guy. He called Thursday and asked for a second date. We're going to see some live music and grab some dinner. A dinner date! I'm a bit nervous, but I suppose I should be fine.

Ok, so 90210 comes on tonight, the big premiere. I have it all set to record, since I'm going to an orchid lecture later. I will totally admit I know way more about the original series than any sane person should, but I will deflect that critism by saying I watch the reruns on SoapNet. Here's where my little rant starts. The creators of the original say they showed important issues like teen sex and addiction. Yes, but only for ONE episode. When Brandon wrecked his car, there were no lasting punishments or consequences. Dylan took him to an AA meeting and his parents bought him a new car. (This was supposedly the entire reason for the episode, so Brandon could get cooler wheels. See this.) The first season is chock full of one episode problems that are "resolved" before the end credits. Everything is just too easily wrapped up. For Chuck's sake, Brandon never got grounded or anything for being drunk underage and then wrecking his car, after the party he threw which he was not to be throwing. Ok, this is a stupid rant, but I don't care. It was only in later seasons, where Kelly becomes the damsel in distress, that they show long term complications. Oh, and everybody who says the show was done for Tori Spelling? Dude, she's barely cognizant in the first season.

I am eating the best thing ever. Refried beans from a bag. Kind of like instant mashed potatoes. Throw some cheese on top, deliciousness.

Ok, so as I was going to sleep last night, I was listening to the "50 First Dates" soundtrack. And as I drifted off, I kept thinking, "Wasn't Drew Barrymore in another movie with Adam Sandler about baseball. Oh, wait, that was Jimmy Fallon. FAIL." Yes, I actually thought fail. Why? Jimmy Fallon tries to hard to be the New Adam Sandler. Case in point: both were on SNL as memorable characters who sang. Oh, and they were both in movies with the Barrymore. Okay, so I don't have much more proof, I swear I did last night. And it was AWESOME.

And I am pissed that Gustav did not land farther west. We gets no rain, just HOT fucking weather. It should not be 100 damn fucking degrees in September, I don't care where you live. (The desert is an exception. The city? Not so much.) Please to be cooling off and raining, kthxbai.