Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dates and other Lameness

So, tonight is the first high school football game of the season. I love football. As a wee child, I spent many hours playing with my older brother. I learned to walk on the football field. I knew every play they'd run before the ball was hiked. So, yes, I adore football. I enjoy high school teams more than college and pro. Number 1, the large college team in my town is full of boys who are just using it to go on to the NFL and and is way more expensive than I'd ever pay to go see a game. And the pros? In it for the money. HA! No heart, no soul, me no watchy. (This does not apply to my beloved Pats IF they are in the playoffs. Only time I watch.) Ok, where was I? Oh, yes, high school ball. It is way too hot and too early (hello, it's still August), but I will go and cheer and have a good time.

I had a date Tuesday night. Nice guy, pretty eyes. Didn't know children can talk before age 3. Hmmm. That made me laugh, but it was ok. Said "like" every 4th word or so. He's also 25. Not big, but a little young. I am not going to complain. Boy Wonder is the same difference, only he's older. Would go out with him again, if he asks. We went to a coffee shop and got smoothies and then sat by the water for our chat. It was nice until the Sorostitutes popped up and we left.

Why the hell did the landlord of Heath Ledger's apartment decide to raise the rent $4000? Will people actually pay it? Now, granted I do not live in NYC and I understand rent is high and space scarce, but still. $26000 a month for a place where someone died?? That's a little steep. But you just know that someone will rent it and totally try to pick people up using the line "I live in the flat Heath Ledger kicked it in." Assholes.

I have finally joined the Twitter craze. Still trying to figure it out, but I'm sure it will come easier. It's nice to get texts from someone other than E!Online. Although, I love those. $2.8 mil for a gold statue of Kate Moss? Genius. (Which I am not, because I couldn't spell it.) The Madonna picture was vomitous. She looks horrible.

Speaking of Madonna, let me go back to Coffee Date Guy. I am slightly worried he's gay. Evidence includes: going to the Madonna sing-along and wearing a hot pink boa and glitter; knowing who my purse was by and loving gossip and drama. He even got a twinkle in his eye about it. Who knows, my radar could be broken.

And I hate getting stood up. GBFF has done it at least twice this month and Band Camp Kid did it last night. I still haven't heard from him, so I don't know what happened. He may or may not be trying to get me back for not going to his wedding. Which was 4+ hours away and I had the food poisoning, so I didn't go. Ass.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks for the good thoughts on the 5K. This is my big yearly goal and it is kicking my ass. I only walk 30 minutes every other day, but still. And did I mention that when it's not raining and humid (which is rare, but has happened this week), that it's hot as mother fucking Hades? Yes....and I am not an early morning person so I walk in the evening, the hottest part of the day. The treadmill at the gym is the devil and makes me feel like I can't walk straight.

I skipped out on the day of Awesomeness at the mall. I just couldn't do it, I probably would have killed someone. Crowds+Me=NO. Spent most of the weekend hanging out with Monkey Man and taking care of his stinky, infected ear. Thanks, BF, for never knowing your son is sick. Fucking dumbass.

I went and bought new running shoes this week. Those guys were super helpful, which is good because I know squat about buying running shoes. The one who helped me did tell me I have something wrong with my feet, I roll in when I walk. I blame it all on dancing. So, outfitted in beautiful new shoes that make the outside of my ankles feel like they're on fire. I am assuming this is because A) I know no runner/walker stretches and B) I am still trying to get used to them. We'll see.

Went to the circus Wednesday. I fucking LOVE the circus. I love the animals and the clowns. Oh, I love clowns. BF is terrified of them. I suppose that's why I got to take Monkey Man. He loves the clowns, too. We had an excellent time, but I was appalled at spending $12 for cotton candy. Twelve fucking dollars for spun sugar? Are you fucking kidding me?? It came with a hat, though, so either I spent $12 on cotton candy and got a free hat or I spent $12 on a hat and got free cotton candy. Ridiculous.

Trouble in the Boy Wonder department. Not surprised. He always does this, but I'm more okay with it. Debating telling him I want to talk because I know it does no good. Especially when he just dropped two of the four ladies he was seeing and I was not one of the four to begin with. It seems that 60% was nothing more than nothing.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

For the Love of God, I hate Insomnia!

I always get these really great ideas for posts after I've shut down and am trying to go to sleep. Mainly because I talk to myself before sleeping, but whatever. Who doesn't do that? I could possibly dig out my mini awesome digital recorder thing I use for class lectures and keep it by the bed, but that just means I'm giving in and admitting I'm slightly off.

I mistakenly agreed to accompany my best friend and her son to the mall tomorrow. She lured me in with promises of a "mall lunch and check out the sexy ghetto girls with purple hair and ashy skin." Yes, we are headed to the Dying Mall of Ghettoness. The one saving grace was the Sanrio store, which closed sometime in June to my shock and tears. Now I have to drive an hour and a half to get my Chococat goodness. Why is going to the mall tomorrow a mistake? Tomorrow is the first day of Tax-Free Weekend. Massive amounts of people, all trying to save $8.25 on $100 worth of crap. Me? I'll wait and say that money is me paying for no crowds. The saving grace tomorrow will be lusting over new Vera Bradleys and trying to figure out how I can get one so soon after my last two. Sadly, I do not think they are tax-free.

The Hills re-runs and Beverly Hills, 90210 on SoapNet have taken up my day. The part that wasn't taken by picking up my awesome BlueBelle from the dealership. Four hundred dollars later, my car no longer makes a grinding noise while driving. She also has new oil, new windows (thanks recall!) and a new back gate opener thingy (yay for warranties). Nice dealership, pain in the ass to get to.

Started something a week ago. Not sure how it will play out. And by started, I mean FAILED. See, when you cut someone out of your life, you don't generally give in and call. But after you bash a rock into your hand several times and think that playing in traffic sounds like a good idea, you know longer know what's wrong and stupid. I am thankful for this person, yet now I'm left with the age old question of "What the FUCK did I do?" I don't know what anything means, there are no clear boundaries and I would gladly take the 60% offered if it was real and true. That's what it's come down to for me. I want it so much I'm willing to take less. And it terrifies me that it could, possibly, maybe in a million years happen. That little glimmer scares me shitless. (and shitless is a word, all knowing spell check.)

I think it's a damn shame the CW won't give Tori Spelling the same amount as Jennie and Shannen. Not because it was her father's show, but because she deserves it. They want viewers, viewers want Donna Martin. Yes, she was not the focus of the show and yes, it didn't revolve around her, but she's an original that will draw viewers. And I'm sick to death that people say she just got the gig because it was her dad's show. She auditioned under a different name and not in front of him. He didn't find out until after she was hired. Not a case of nepotism. The boy, Randy, being on later seasons? Totally.

I've begun training or a 5K that'll take place in November. I must be off my rocker. My trainer is deluded into thinking I'll be running it. No. Not at all. He wants me to run it, he can fly over here and run it with me. Yes, my trainer isn't here, he's 7 hours ahead. But, he's a good trainer, seeing as he was thisclose to an Olympic spot. There's a guy on his nation's team that's in his same club, they run together. I just know I'm not running it. I'll be hoping to walk it in less than an hour.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bernie Mac and Batman

Yes, I get that Bernie Mac died. Does he really deserve umpteen jillion posts on EOnline about it? Cause, um, I'm pretty sure George Carlin didn't get as many. And he's way better. Is it because he was so young or because he's black? Or, in reality, is it because OMGBritney hasn't done shit lately to make headlines? I watched The Bernie Mac Show. It was good for the first half of season one until I realised it was just the same crap I grew up with. Same with George Lopez. I grew up with that. But he's funny.

Saw Batman last night. By Myself. Got stood up by the gay best friend from high school. His excuse? Took a Tylenol PM by mistake. How the hell do you do that? Isn't the PM kind of blue and the regular white? Lame. Back to Batman. I enjoy Christian Bale. He's easy to look at. Since Newsies and Swing Kids. I enjoy him as Bruce Wayne, not Batman. In that suit, it looks like his face is squished up and then it makes him talk funny and emphasizes his teeth, which I then focus on instead of what's really going on. (Moaning Myrtle is in Bridget Jones. Weird.) I did enjoy the movies, minus Harvey Two-Face. Most of the time, I can almost believe everything in the movie (rich playboy, gadgets, etc.). I couldn't believe that face though! No one can live like that, with bone and muscle showing. Plus, it was a little gross. I bought Maggie what's-her-face as Rachel, she does a good job with taking over a role. Heath Ledger was unrecognizable as The Joker. I thought, though, he took the makeup tips and facial tics of Mary-Kate a bit too far. Now the movie will always remind me of the damn homeless Olden twin.

I ended up feeling sorry for myself and then stupid for going to a movie by myself. I didn't remember it was a Friday night, but luckily it wasn't sold out. I was hoping there'd be at least one other pathetic soul in the theatre. There wasn't. That right there made me feel pathetic and lonely. Enough to tear up because I obviously don't have friends. And then I felt stupid for feeling pathetic. Surely other people go to movies alone, yes? I've decided I'm just going to start doing that, going to things by myself. Maybe I'll meet more people that way.

I'm actually tired for once, before one in the morning. Should I chance it and go to sleep? I suppose. Wanna bet it doesn't work?

This is not a Mommy Blog.

I'm a mom. I'm a blogger. I am not a Mommy Blogger. I curse like a sailor and have the all too frequent bouts of road rage. I have dreams, delusions, and desires like everyone else.

Just call me Ruby Soho.

I watch too much TV. I rarely sleep. Prime sleeping hours are from 7 to 11 AM. I play Animal Crossing: Wide World to an absurd degree. John Cusack was my first celebrity crush (Thank you Natty Gann).

My thoughts are often not planned out nor do they make any kind of sense. My best friends only exist online. I self-identify as a dork.