Monday, January 26, 2009

I look Fantastic.

I may or may not feel fantastic, but I sure as hell look it. And the day is dreary and gross, so perhaps I will bring someone some joy because I look so great.

I've been out with Repo Girl and Miss M this past weekend. That was fun. Went for drinks and then some karaoke after. And then Repo Girl and I went repoing last night and that was some freaky shit. Why? Because we went out to the rural area and that shit was dark and there were some houses straight out of Chainsaw Massacre out there. I figured out why she brought me though. She's all, "They lynch people out here" and I'm all "I know you, don't think they won't lynch me" and we start laughing. And then she makes a U-ey at one of those creepy houses and I'm all, "I'm pretty sure the white chick dies in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, too." We did find our car though and all was good. This was my first hooking so it was exciting.

Saturday was the Ordination of a close family friend, so I went to that. It was awesome! (Minus the whole part where I got a bit turned on. I mean, for Chuck's sake, I was in church.) I'd never been to an Ordination before and it was very positive and moving. And honestly, I love her so much and think she's a great person, so she'll make a phenomenal priest.

I know there is a video of me doing Detachabe Penis at karaoke, but Panda made it private so I can't link it. Yes, I did Detachable Penis. Because, how awesome is that? And then I got up with another friend and did Achy Breaky Heart. Sadly, JPanda was not there to pick my songs and so I was left with Repo Girl to help me pick. And she listens to some right shit. Like, I like Madonna, but only 80s/early 90s Madonna, not mid-90s/early 00's mediocre Madonna. I also realise I am a gay man in a woman's body. OH! I got invited to a gay bar for the first time ever Saturday, but didn't go because I wasn't feeling very well. I was tired. But that's the first time a gay dude has invited me to go! I am sorry I missed it.

So, there's a slight update. I need to remember to write, I'm just such a damn private person that this is sometimes hard, you know?

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Lump said...

oooh definitely go to the gay bar next time you're invited. :)

and yes, you definitely deserve being spoiled!! every woman does. :)