Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well, well...

Long time no see. Almost two months. And in that two months things have changed.

So, last time I was a few days away from seeing Lucero. Best show to see by myself, hands down. It was completely awesome. I'll never regret going to see them.

And, on the way back to my car, I spent hours talking to The Roughneck. He's the guy who works in the garage at church. I've known him quite some time, he works all the time and I saw him at the Big Music Fest back in March. Well, turns out he started asking questions then about me and the idiots there told him a bunch of crap. Didn't change his mind. He walked me to my car and asked for my number. He called the following Monday. We've been inseparable ever since. I am definitely not his type of girl. I'm older, taller, divorced, have a kid. I'm not blonde. And still he loves me and wishes to take care of me. He does take care of me. And Little Man. He already loves him like he's his own.

We all know I don't introduce my precious kid to people I don't think will be around in 6 months. Hell, there are friends of mine with whom I've been friends for years who haven't met him. So, this is Serious. Big time serious.

I've all but moved in with The Roughneck. Or he's all but moved in with me. It seems we're splitting time between his apartment and the house. There's some roommate drama at the apartment to deal with plus I have Little Man this month, so we're staying here. But there's drama here. Big ol' make-me-wanna-scream-and-run-and-not-look-back drama. He wants to help with that too.

Why is he The Roughneck? Well, he calls himself that. He's a maintenance man, a jack of all trades. He's a bit more country than I am. He's got tattoos and hangs with the boys. A roughneck. He's got good values and a nice work ethic. We match even though we're so different. He calls me The Princess because I'm spoiled and don't like to get dirty. So, we're The Roughneck and The Princess. Everyone who knows us is happy for us. An added bonus is my mom really, really likes him. Way more than the Ex-Huz. Oh, and The Roughneck hates BF. Hates. It's great.

So, coming soon to a church not near bells perhaps? He's got a plan all worked out on when he's proposing and he won't tell me. Everyone else, yes. Me, no. And so I say we're unofficially engaged because he wants to do it right and give me everything I want and deserve. That means waiting to officially ask me and me officially say yes until a ring is present. And he's got his eye on one. We'll see how it plays out.

I'm currently sick. Yay for mid summer sinus infections when there are big plans on the horizon. I also have made The Roughneck sick when he's about to take 3 days of vacation to just be with me. I'm a great girlfriend, huh?

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