Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks for the good thoughts on the 5K. This is my big yearly goal and it is kicking my ass. I only walk 30 minutes every other day, but still. And did I mention that when it's not raining and humid (which is rare, but has happened this week), that it's hot as mother fucking Hades? Yes....and I am not an early morning person so I walk in the evening, the hottest part of the day. The treadmill at the gym is the devil and makes me feel like I can't walk straight.

I skipped out on the day of Awesomeness at the mall. I just couldn't do it, I probably would have killed someone. Crowds+Me=NO. Spent most of the weekend hanging out with Monkey Man and taking care of his stinky, infected ear. Thanks, BF, for never knowing your son is sick. Fucking dumbass.

I went and bought new running shoes this week. Those guys were super helpful, which is good because I know squat about buying running shoes. The one who helped me did tell me I have something wrong with my feet, I roll in when I walk. I blame it all on dancing. So, outfitted in beautiful new shoes that make the outside of my ankles feel like they're on fire. I am assuming this is because A) I know no runner/walker stretches and B) I am still trying to get used to them. We'll see.

Went to the circus Wednesday. I fucking LOVE the circus. I love the animals and the clowns. Oh, I love clowns. BF is terrified of them. I suppose that's why I got to take Monkey Man. He loves the clowns, too. We had an excellent time, but I was appalled at spending $12 for cotton candy. Twelve fucking dollars for spun sugar? Are you fucking kidding me?? It came with a hat, though, so either I spent $12 on cotton candy and got a free hat or I spent $12 on a hat and got free cotton candy. Ridiculous.

Trouble in the Boy Wonder department. Not surprised. He always does this, but I'm more okay with it. Debating telling him I want to talk because I know it does no good. Especially when he just dropped two of the four ladies he was seeing and I was not one of the four to begin with. It seems that 60% was nothing more than nothing.

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gingela5 said...

I went to one of those stores where they watch you walk and tell you what shoes to buy. Mine hurt at first too but after a week or two your foot (or ankles)will get used to them! Good luck!