Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bernie Mac and Batman

Yes, I get that Bernie Mac died. Does he really deserve umpteen jillion posts on EOnline about it? Cause, um, I'm pretty sure George Carlin didn't get as many. And he's way better. Is it because he was so young or because he's black? Or, in reality, is it because OMGBritney hasn't done shit lately to make headlines? I watched The Bernie Mac Show. It was good for the first half of season one until I realised it was just the same crap I grew up with. Same with George Lopez. I grew up with that. But he's funny.

Saw Batman last night. By Myself. Got stood up by the gay best friend from high school. His excuse? Took a Tylenol PM by mistake. How the hell do you do that? Isn't the PM kind of blue and the regular white? Lame. Back to Batman. I enjoy Christian Bale. He's easy to look at. Since Newsies and Swing Kids. I enjoy him as Bruce Wayne, not Batman. In that suit, it looks like his face is squished up and then it makes him talk funny and emphasizes his teeth, which I then focus on instead of what's really going on. (Moaning Myrtle is in Bridget Jones. Weird.) I did enjoy the movies, minus Harvey Two-Face. Most of the time, I can almost believe everything in the movie (rich playboy, gadgets, etc.). I couldn't believe that face though! No one can live like that, with bone and muscle showing. Plus, it was a little gross. I bought Maggie what's-her-face as Rachel, she does a good job with taking over a role. Heath Ledger was unrecognizable as The Joker. I thought, though, he took the makeup tips and facial tics of Mary-Kate a bit too far. Now the movie will always remind me of the damn homeless Olden twin.

I ended up feeling sorry for myself and then stupid for going to a movie by myself. I didn't remember it was a Friday night, but luckily it wasn't sold out. I was hoping there'd be at least one other pathetic soul in the theatre. There wasn't. That right there made me feel pathetic and lonely. Enough to tear up because I obviously don't have friends. And then I felt stupid for feeling pathetic. Surely other people go to movies alone, yes? I've decided I'm just going to start doing that, going to things by myself. Maybe I'll meet more people that way.

I'm actually tired for once, before one in the morning. Should I chance it and go to sleep? I suppose. Wanna bet it doesn't work?

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Issas Crazy World said...

For me it was so freaking scary that I had nightmares...and I hid my face a few times during it.

I go to chick flicks (when friends aren't interested) by myself, cause my husband flat out refuses.

Thanks for stopping by earlier and leaving me the comment. We did cut out everything for a few months a couple of years ago. All we succeeded in was making her a complete sugar feend. She hid it and stole for awhile, even after we had let some of it back in her system. But it didn't do much good. I didn't notice a big enough difference to keep at it.