Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm waiting for Ike, what are you doing?

All the prep I've done for Ike? Beer and queso. Frito pies. Beans in a bag. I'm not excited, I'm not worried. I'm annoyed. (I'm currently watching some weather channel and seeing the waves crash over the seawall is breaking my little beach-loving heart. I was supposed to go down there next weekend for my birthday, but I guess that's out. So is October.)

So, Dates Two and Three with Coffee Date Guy. Date Two was seeing Cory Branan and Greg Barkley from OhNoOhMy. Mixtape Messiah had said Cory puts on a good show and she was not lying. He is hilarious and slightly crazy. Highly entertaining. If you enjoy singer-songwriter acoustic stuff and get a chance, go see him. We also really liked Greg, but I can't find any of his solo stuff online. My GoogleFu is failing. His songs remind me of high school angst, but not in a bad way. I think that even later in life we experience situations that take us back. Also, his lyric are funny. Okay, back to the actual date. I drove, which is always something to experience, but I think I wowed him with my superior parallel parking skills. I was late picking him up, and the place we were going to eat lied about thier closing time, so we just headed to the venue where dinner was Taco Bell. I bought tickets, he bought drinks. We talked and talked and he neglected to mention his birthday was the next day. Which I totally called him out on when he picked me up for Date Three. Turned out he just doesn't make a big deal out of it. Whatev, I so make a big deal out of mine. (In 6 days, y'all.)

Okay, Date Three was dinner and downtown. Dinner was good, Greek salad and lobster bisque. And conversation about his hair products. I swear, I wonder if he's gay and everyone's like "Just ask him." WTH? "So, um, what do you want to do later and are you gay?" So do not think I'll be asking that question. Anyway, I am leaning towards he's just shy and inexperienced. (Watch, he'll probably rock my world like no tomorrow. If it ever gets to that.) We went to a swanky hotel lobby, the lounge area, and had a really great time. Went out on the balcony and talked some more. I thought it was a perfect oportunity for a first kiss, but nothing. Did I mention he opened my car door for me at the beginning of the evening? And he likes museums, operas, plays and the like? But, at the end of the evening, we're still on the air hug routine. Sigh. Date Four is scheduled for tomorrow, some museum visiting, but we're playing phone tag tonight.

The second football game was not quite as bad as the first. 49-6. Third game was last night against a Catholic Academy. Score was 46 or something-0. And I managed to continue re-injuring my blasted ankle. That's about it on the football front, other than I learned the players have no respect for the head coach. He should probably leave then, you know, if they don't respect him.

I am a giant nerd. I bought the new NKOTB album. Haven't given it a spin, so I have no opinion yet.

Currently listening to Jackopierce. Love them. Love love love. I am so glad they got back together. I found them right as they were breaking up. No words to describe how I feel when I listen and the music takes me to a land inside myself, you know?

I'm a bit out of it, for no reason other than the atmospheric pressure. And waiting for the phone.

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gingela5 said...

Well, maybe if the Coffee Guy reads this blog he'll answer the question for you :) Hope all is well with you after Ike!