Friday, December 5, 2008

I'd love to say I haven't been busy.

Ok, so this like a fly by post because I'm actually pissed at FOAF today and it shows. RepoGirl actually said I was in an angry mood and all she had heard was hi. Deucing stupid deucing idiot.

I have been busy. Do you know how hard it is to pee when you have a dog who is not a lap dog by the way trying to sit in your lap? So not easy. And if I shut him out, he whines. Not little dog whines, but huge drawn out big dog whines. Also, he won't pee or poo if he's in the yeard by himself. Nooooo, someone has to go out with him at 2 freaking AM when it's cold as shit and stand there. And then he thinks it's play time and I'm all "Go the deuce back to sleep, yo."

Ok, so, busy busy. FOAF was over Friday and Saturday and let's not even go there because I'd really just like to slap him in the head and yell at him. Also on Saturday I had to take all three dogs to the vet and then I made cookies. They were delicious. Need to make more this weekend. Then I had a meeting on Monday for the high school's Campus Advisory Committee, which instead of doing what was planned, we talked about how the school has to be "restructured" because of all this No Child Left Behind bullshit and test scores. That will probably end up being a whole nother post. Then I went to dinner with an old friend from high school and when FOAF found out he was all jealous and I was all "shades of my ex, fuck off." I think I didn't do much Tuesday or Wednesday til I hit up a jazz band concert and well that was fun. Then Thursday, I went to lunch and a movie with said prior old friend (Shorty) and then late that evening went to dinner with another old friend from high school. I'm all nostalgic I guess. And FOAF is still pissy about all of it and I'm over it. I'd rather hang out with people who aren't going to bitch about their situation and then not do anything about it. Whatevs, y'all.

So, now here I am, freezing my ass off while Chunk is sleeping quite sweatily next to me. He's like a human heater in pint size form. His dad brought him over yesterday to try on a heavy winter jacket and Chunk played with Spike and had a good time. When we came in, he said he was going to get on my bed to take a nap. He was here to stay. He told his daddy he wanted to stay. Asshole made him go. AND I know he didn't take him back to his house and feed him lunch and give him a nap despite the baby saying he was hungry and tired. Way to go, deucenut. Father of the year, right there.

Ok, I'm actually pretty angry for really no good reason. I have got to stop this shit. For realz. It'll pass, in time. Now, who's got the time speeder up thingy?

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gingela5 said...

Sounds like a crazy week! And your pup sounds like my brother's puppy! He just CAN'T ever be by himself. Such a baby!