Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow? WTD is that?

I think it is snowing again. I know it was snowing an hour ago because I was standing in it and looking like an idiot trying to catch snow flakes on my tongue. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? I think so. I could be wrong I guess. I only remember it snowing, never. I vaguely remember snow on the ground but not falling once. And the other two times I've seen snow falling from the sky was two different visits to Connecticut. Yeah.

I am only semi-digging Josh Groban's Christmas album. Quit deucing up my songs, fool. Damn. Even Alvin and the Chipmunks don't mess them up. Oh, wait. That's my basis for comparison. I freaking loooooove me some Chipmunks Christmas album and DVD. As in, my family tries to hide them every year. They haven't learned yet that I will go buy new ones if mine disappear. For realz.

Real update later. FOAF has pissed everyone off, to the point everyone's blowing him off. I've been hanging out with some new old friends and that may be causing a problem. I don't think creepy middle school guy who had a severe stalking crush is over it. Damn, I should have saved those texts to refer back to. Oh, well, let's hope my frozen brain remembers later!

3 clued in:

gingela5 said...

I hate it when singers try to make Christmas songs their own. It totally ruins it! Just stick to the original! :)

Lump said...

ugh. I thought it was snowing here in Dallas yesterday but no it was just freezing rain. pissed me off!

Mixtape Messiah said...

Girl, I don't want to hear it. It snows here all the damn time. If it was a novelty like it is there, it'd be cute. When it's up to my ass (no short jokes), it's no fun.

PS - Christmas music is the devil in disguise. And you knew better than to mess with a WoW boy. You will always be sloppy seconds to that mess.

PPS - I love you.