Monday, October 6, 2008

And it's raining?

I am a bit sick still and a whole lot bored. And because of that, you get this.

I started decorating for Halloween. I am currently two weeks behind in decorating. Seriously. I know when Halloween is, y'all, but I love Halloween more than anything else. I've even dressed up once already! (OK, so that was for the children's Halloween symphony concert I took the kid to, but still. And I rock the Pink Princess from 4th grade costume.)

Ok, so my friend was trying to set me up with his friend. The friend of a friend (FOAF) and I have come to the agreement that it will never work. We decided this based on twenty questions. I'll save you the horror of reading our twenty questions, but suffice it to say it took 11 questions for him to admit he doesn't like kids. Dealbreaker, dude, dealbreaker. We can be friends.

And on the Prospective Boyfriend front, I went to a movie and dinner with him and two of his work buddies. The movie turned out to be funny, it's the new Brad Pitt/George Clooney film. Dinner was spent at the Olive Garden. He loves the Olive Garden. I got soup. I'm never hungry when I'm sick. I'll know I'm not sick when I start craving pizza. Anyway, the evening ended and I didn't hug him. I just don't know what he's told people, so I didn't. I should have. But, I know he had a good time too, as always, he says.

I am becoming something I'm not sure I should with him. I miss him. I feel the draw to talk to/email him every day. I'm willing to watch Floriday football with him. Yeah, weird.

Alright, I have a meeting I'm supposed to go to tonight that I'm going to skip, but I still need to carve my fake pumpkin, so I'm out.

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gingela5 said...

Have fun decorating! And good luck with the prospective boyfriend. It sounds like you two need to talk about what you are so you can at least hug him in front of people! And I watch Nebraska football (I'm an Oklahoma fan) with my hubby so if you're watching football you don't care about with a guy--you like him! haha Oh and FEEL BETTER SOON!

jennster said...

carving a fake pumpkin? that made me laugh. LOL

Issas Crazy World said...

How do you carve a fake pumpkin? I'm confused.