Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to Carve a Fake Pumpkin

So, I know I keep talking about how I carve fake pumpkins every year. And I keep getting the "What the Hell is a fake pumpkin and how do you carve it??" response. I'm here to tell you! Now that I've gotten my photo stuff to work, I'm a happy camper and can regale you with the awesomeness that is fake pumpkin carving. Let's Go!

You start with a plain old craft pumpkin that you get from Hobby Lobby, Michael's or somewhere similar. They come in different sizes, colours and shapes. The second one I did this year is this one.

From Delusions and Desires

Then you pick a pattern and follow the directions, just like you would carving a real pumpkin. Here's this year's design.
From Delusions and Desires

This is after the pattern had been punched and I'm about halfway finished.
From Delusions and Desires

The finished pumpkin! If you look closesly, you can see the dust in the back of the pumpkin. A little vaccuming take care of it. (ok, click on the picture and you can see it in the bigger version.)
From Delusions and Desires

All you need now is a hole for the light. I normally do a hole in the top where the stem is, but the bottom was better for this shape.
From Delusions and Desires

All it up and ready to go! I use a battery operated tea light candle in my pumpkins. Or, glow sticks and bracelets for some other colour.
From Delusions and Desires

I love my pumpkins and my decorations! I may post other decoration pictures later this week, cause, you know, this was a lot. And I'm still trying to figure out all this picture stuff with Picasa. I'm used to uploading to a different (private) site and then adding in with HTML.

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Katie said...

talk about less mess! this is such a great idea. and this will keep my dogs from eating the real live pumpkin. :)

gingela5 said...

So cute and they don't rot! Perfect!

Issas Crazy World said...


Halloween is on Friday and I've managed to avoid the real pumpkin thing here. I'm hoping if I just keep ignoring, I'll make it until Friday night and then I can say, oh so sad, you are too year. I is a mean momma