Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've the plague.

Okay, so it's not the plague, despite my rat/mouse problem. Fucking vermin. But, I am sick, the doctor confirms it. Yay.

I just want to say that Prospective Boyfriend is very sweet and cute, if a little real world challenged. After making out for hours on Tuesday (and I mean that literally) he wanted to go to sleep holding me. While I think that could be very nice, we still have no commitments to each other. I believe that doing that would most certainly imply boyfriend status, but we aren't the assuming type.

In my all consuming quest of being an absolute tv dork, I'm going to ask a question that Payton asked the guy who's going to turn out to be her real dad (One Tree Hill):

Name the Top 5 albums you'd have to have if you were stranded on an island or could only ever hear 5 albums for the rest of your life. And why.

Here are mine, in no particular order.

**Tennessee by Lucero. It's the perfect, never get sick of it album. Works equally well for heartbreak and for love. I cannot pick one song that's better than another here. It's gritty, it's real.

**The Wicked soundtrack. Yes, to the Broadway show. There's a lot of wisdom in those there songs. Defying Gravity wins out for wisdom-ness.

**Jars of Clay's Furthermore. It's very hard for me to pick one album, so if I can't make my own to take, this one will do. Has great songs. Off of this one, I'm going with Something Beautiful.

**Woman As Salvation by Jackopierce. It's mellow and acoustic and lyrically beautiful. It's a toss up between More Than He Could Give and Advent for best song.

**Sounds of Summer by The Beach Boys. Love them. Has all the great songs. I, once again, can't pick one song to chose from. Put it on random and the next song up is my favourite.

And big congrats are in order to Issa who had a beautiful little boy a week ago. He is gorgeous and makes me want to find someone to impregnate me.

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gingela5 said...

Oh I LOVE the beach boys! I would definitely choose them too!