Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is finally cold. YAY!?

O, I love Halloween. This is no surprise to anyone. What I don't love? Having my filling break and a possible infection the week of. Dentist is on Thursday and hopefully I'll be cleared for all the candy I'll be stealing eating Friday.

Things I love today:
* Having Roadside Assistance. You see, I had a flat tire last night and forgot that I bought RA when I bought the car. Came in great to change the tire.
* Stewart. He took me to the grocery store when I thought I didn't have RA and then hung out for a bit, despite his being allergic to every animal in my house.
* Being able to buy four(!) new tires.

Things I do not love today:
* Having to buy the aforementioned tires. Totally shitty, but really needed. The tread was coming off and I didn't know it. OOPS!
* Not being able to eat really because of aforementioned filling. Ugh.
* Being in a CFIDS flare. It's not something I talk about a lot, because most of the time I'm fine, but damn, I'm tired.

It has finally turned cold in the Land of Hot. This is good except that when the heat is turned on in the house, my room is 5 degrees hotter than any other room. I'd love to be able to open my window, but I'd really like to have a burglar bar put on. Mine's the only one on the outside of the fence. I don't want horny boys crawling through my open window! (OK, maybe, but only Edward Cullen, who of course wouldn't be stopped by bars.)

Found out FOAF is bi-polar. He's been distant the last couple of weeks and now I get it. He's worried it'll make me not want to hang or something, but it doesn't. He's not the first one I've known to have it and he probably won't be the last. I'm not worried, I'm relieved. At least this way I know how to handle it when he's distant and stuff.

My VCR crapped out on me. I'm very devestated. It still works, it'll play and record manually, but the timer doesn't seem to want to work. Which means now I must be home to start it taping. That could be ok, but what if I forget? Do you know how long it takes the C-Dub to put episodes up??? Waaaay too long. Almost a week. And then it starts skipping and is obnoxious. And yes, I'm old school. I love my VCR. If I had a DVR, I'd just find more crap to tape and that wouldn't be good for anyone! But now I have to make sure I'm home to tape Super Why on Friday. Special Halloween episode, don't you know.

Uh, I'm a little anxious to get back to my Gossip Girl book, so, yeah. Love me some S and B and N and C. And I'd like a nap for $200 please Alex.

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gingela5 said...

Sounds like you're having a crazy week! Hope things calm down a bit and that your filling heals up! :) And if Edward Cullen comes by your place let him know I left my window open--I'll kick the hubby out of bed!

Issas Crazy World said...

Um one very important question....what is a VCR? I don't know the last time I heard that said aloud. :)

Roadside assistance rocks. I have it through like three places, just in case. Because I'd never ever be able to undo my own tire.

Meximom said...

Wait! You still have a VCR??? I love it! Do they even make them anymore? Thanks for the comment on the Zero Odor. I am so going to get it. Seriously, my house sometimes smells like small barn animals live in it. i light candles and spray febreeze, but i am going to give your suggestion a try!